Wabash YMCA

The new YMCA was just what the doctor ordered for Wabash, Indiana. Getting to the finished product took a lot of planning, value engineering, scheduling, quality control, and cost control. Since the Y is a non-profit group, program flexibility as well as cost containment were very high on their priority list. They depended on CCi’s Project Management skills to keep their feet, as well as the feet of the architects and designers, on the ground. CCi successfully did that by giving them accurate estimates of the design throughout the process. Once the construction started, the schedule and proper layout of the 187 caissons for the foundation allowed the project to start in the winter and hit the ground running in the spring. Quality control and claims avoidance created a beautiful building well under their budget as well as being completed on schedule. The YMCA is a great asset for Wabash and the surrounding community.

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