photo of engineering blueprint

During the design phase, there are many more decisions to be made regarding the type of building, the cost, the selections of items that will best suit your needs, and many more. At each phase of design we submit an estimate regarding the cost, to ensure we are adhering to your guidelines and budget.

Schedules start coming into play now, so that your project can be completed on time. CCi has years of experience in choosing products that enhance your facility that will be both cost effective and provide long-term value. The design phase can be time consuming and overwhelming. You can trust CCi’s expertise to streamline this process so that you make the right decisions and keep your project on schedule.

Putting It Down On Paper

Menominee School Exterior

“Construction Control has been a valuable partner on our projects for the planning phase to post construction. All phases were brought in under budget. The owner was kept informed of all issues during construction and was addressed immediately. Most important, during post construction they helped to remedy issues that arose during the breaking-in period. I recommend that you give CCi consideration as you select a construction manager for your next project.”

Mr. John Hill, Superintendent
Plymouth Community School Corporation